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Dollface ([personal profile] got_your_tongue) wrote2009-03-31 11:33 pm

For Sweetheart

Doll's in the bar, doing her level best to take up an entire booth for herself.

(She went a few rounds with Donny--turned the tables on him this time--and worked a couple sentences. She thinks she's got the weirdness worked out of her system. She thinks.)

She's nursing a glass of bourbon, making liberal refills from the bottle on the table. There may also be some humming.

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A whole booth? Tsk! There are other people who might want to use some of it, y'know.

Like, say, the contractor sliding onto the opposite bench and stealing the bottle.

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She takes a swallow.

"Only a little! Besides, turnabout is fair play."

She blows a kiss and slides the bottle back over.

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"The usual. Work. Re-cataloging my library when I got bored because I'm that lame. You?" She eyes the bottle. "Is there an occasion?"

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"Here? Downside?"

Sweets would hardly blame Doll for wanting someone in her own time.

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She's gone pale.

"Oh my God."

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After a minute, Sweetheart reaches out and takes a long drink.

A very long drink.

Finally, she puts the bottle down with a considerably sloshier clunk and asks, with slight cheer, "And how was she?"

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"How old was I--"

Another drink.


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"Did -- she have a scar down her back? Neck to tailbone, about?"

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"Oh, Jesus."

She grabs for the bottle.

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Okay, now she's done with the bottle.


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She scrubs her hands over her face.

"Fuck. I -- I don't know what to say."

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She lets out a laugh. "Oh, don't worry about that. I dealt with weirder than being kissed by a woman. Oh, God."

She grabs for the bottle, discovers it has a couple swallows left at best, and flags down a waitrat.

"I'm sorry, if I don't get really drunk really fast I'm going to start thinking about dying."

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"What, dying?"

The waitrat returns with a bottle of whiskey. Sweetheart fumbles a little getting it open, but succeeds eventually.