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Dollface ([personal profile] got_your_tongue) wrote2008-10-13 12:23 am

For Chainsaw

The session with Donny helped; they always do. She's still angry--at Chainsaw, at herself, mostly Chainsaw--but she's trying to be smarter about it. It's easy being smarter when she keeps her distance, which is easier Downside. It's harder in the bar--it is the only place she's ever met him, after all--but she likes this place (just not the upstairs).

So when a door led her here, she said "Fuck it" and stayed. Currently, she's got a very fine glass of whiskey and is sprawled across the bench in a comfortable booth.

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The cheerful whistling that wanders through the bar might be familiar.

Or maybe not.

That trenchcoat, on the other hand? Definitely familiar.

As is the man leaning against the divider between booths and smirking down at her.

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"How drunk are you right now, Doll?"

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"Not even tipsy."


"Well isn't this interesting."

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He leans forward, hands on the table, getting into her personal space.

(Chainsaw loves getting into people's personal space.)

"So. How you been?"

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"Oh, Dollface."

He grins.

"Please tell me you mean that literally."

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Chainsaw leans in closer.

"I should take you upstairs..."


"...and get all excruciating on you myself. Or maybe not. Maybe I'll just fuck you instead. Whaddya think, Doll?"

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Bright, bright grin.

"Got it in one."

He lunges forward a few more inches and kisses her, roughly, almost teasingly.

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Chainsaw, on the other hand, is not even slightly shy with the biting.

Maybe he wants to keep her guessing about the ratio of horniness to sadism, or maybe he doesn't know himself.

Either way, he straightens after one last nibble and grins, panting.

"My room," he directs, starting for the stairs. "Right now."

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He whistles all the way up the stairs.

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Not fucking likely.

Room 402 is still here, in all its richly decorated black-and-purple glory.

This time, though, he doesn't direct her towards the torture chamber. When the door closes, he shoves her up against it and kisses her again.

Violent, but isn't he always?

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Chainsaw is entirely fine with that.

He's got more than enough hands for the both of them, and they go everywhere-- cupping her jaw, her breasts, shoving her shoulders back into the door.

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He wraps his fingers around her throat and squeezes briefly, parting her lips with his tongue.

A heartbeat. Two.

He uses the grip to spin her around and push her roughly towards the bed, letting go and yanking his shirt off in the same breath.

So apparently he's horny today.

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By the time she's regained her balance Chainsaw is halfway out of his pants and grinning like a bastard (as though he ever grins any other way).

"Get naked," he says bluntly, "or I'm getting a knife."

With his boxers sliding down his thighs to join his pants on the floor, his erection is prominent.