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Dollface ([personal profile] got_your_tongue) wrote2008-10-12 07:33 pm
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[set a day or so after this]

She hasn’t made this particular phone call in a while. That doesn’t mean she’s forgotten how.


"Hey there, Pardoner."

Doll doesn’t use his full name except when she needs this; she can hear him sit up a little straighter. "How’s my favorite student?"

"Getting by." The script is old and familiar. This is what comes next: "But missing you."

"I can fix that."

"Now a good time?"

"For you, baby? Always.”"

"So what happened?" Donny’s tone is surprisingly conversational, considering he’s burning the skin off the soles of her feet at the same time.

She hesitates; he has her walk around the room a few times to loosen her tongue. As soon as her back hits the table again, she starts talking, screams and sobs intermingling with the words like nightmarish punctuation.

Donny works the fire steadily up her legs as the story unfolds; he’s gotten to just past her breasts when she finishes the story. When he realizes that she’s fallen silent because there isn’t more to tell, he pauses in his own work.

"Oh, honey," he murmurs, clicking the blowtorch off. "I knew from day one you were hard-headed. I didn’t think you were stupid."

Doll makes a sound that might be construed as protest.

"You can’t fight outside of your weight class," he continues, "and you shouldn’t try. I’d like to keep seeing you around, and not as some trophy nailed out in Chainsaw’s yard." He strokes her hair. "Can you do that for me? Be a little smarter?"

Doll manages to nod.

He presses a kiss to her forehead. "That’s my girl." He flicks the torch back on. "Now open your mouth."

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