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things you should, could, or might want to know about dollface

- The first person she got involved with Downside (long term, not just a quick fuck) was one of her instructors from the torturers' academy. She told him about the napalm back when she was alive; he developed a fetish for burning her. This inspired her use of heated knives during sentences.

- After meeting Chainsaw in the bar--once she came out of her dungeon--she took some of her lingering aggression out on her first sentence. Six hours; a rapist. In the course of the session, she raped him, and followed it up with castration. The last thing she did before time was up was to put out his eyes.

- Her signature is cutting out someone's tongue during their sentence and nailing it to the wall to dry. (She does not do this with contractors.)

- Doll tends to be fairly gender-neutral when it comes to torture (i.e. she's not big on genital mutilation). She makes exceptions for rapists.

- She can carry a razor blade in her mouth without cutting herself. A girl she sentenced (and has an off-again-on-again thing with) taught her how.

- She's a big fan of dismemberment during torture. The heated knives help with cauterization and minimizing blood loss.

- Much as she enjoys using control, she prefers to accomplish some things through the threat of violence followed by control (ex. "I'll break your fingers and make you do it anyway"). The humiliation is greater if they do it themselves.

- As of now, Dollface is the Downside equivalent of 'young and dumb and full of cum.' The power trip from Vietnam still hasn't exactly worn off yet, given that the afterlife is basically an institutionalized version of what she was doing anyway. Only now she's got an audience. (Short answer: she's cocky as shit.) Her run-ins with Chainsaw are teaching her about fear, however, and just how small a fish in this pond she really is. She doesn't like the lesson.

- If you were to ask her how she feels about Chainsaw, she would tell you that she hates him--for what he did to her, for what he did to Sweetheart. If you pressed the issue further, she might add that she hates him also because he's effectively untouchable and she's always been able to get at people before. And if she really felt like opening up (or was extremely drunk) she might even admit that all of the above are also what scares her about him.

- The truth that I don't think even she understands is that she hates him because she could have loved him; part of who she is is--most of who she is--also makes up Mary Anne, and the two of them (MA and Chainsaw) got on like a house afire. The rest of her, however, can't help butting heads with him, but won't change just so she can get along with him (if that's even possible at this point). And I think some deep seated part of her brain or her soul or both realizes how close she was and blew it--through no real fault of her own, but just by being herself--and hates him for it, because he won't have her as she is. None of this, however, has even so much as flitted through her mind in terms of coherent thought; this is all me.

- She envies the relationship Sweetheart had (has?) with Chainsaw. She'll bite her tongue out before she admits it.

- The table in Doll's dungeon is not stainless steel. (Forget what you may have read in any previous tags; the person responsible for those tags has been sacked.) It is a wooden butcher block table. There are restraints for wrists and ankles, as well as another strap to go across the forehead. Doll has been known to sleep on it, either in times of stress or just because.

- If you scratched down far enough to the very first layer of blood on her table, it would be Doll's blood. She wanted to be sure that the table was hers first and foremost.

- Unless mentioned otherwise, Doll is perpetually barefoot. She can move quieter without them and she likes being able to feel the floor beneath her feet.

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*curious* Envies Sweetheart? Envies Chainsaw? Envies the relationship itself? All three?
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Doll-in-the-threads doesn't know jack squat about Sweets and Chainsaw

And that he filled her vagina with broken glass, but. >.> Clearly this should be remedied, y/y?

I think she would be envious of Sweetheart because it's Chainsaw, if that makes sense

That totally makes sense! 'Cause. Yeah. It's Chainsaw. He has a certain, shall we say, magnetism.

(although she appears to have ticked that box off)

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Clearly this should be remedied, y/y?

I am all for remedies! But--forgive my tiny brain--what are we remedying? If I am reading/braining correctly, we are going to educate Doll to the fact that Chainsaw has perhaps, under more friendly circumstances, put something that was more fun than glass in her vagina?


XD That's like a mantra for Downside; people say that instead of 'hi.'
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*cracks up* Along those lines, yes! Iiii am not sure how to get there, exactly, but.
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That was definitely the weirdest sentence I have written in a long ass time; I can't even reread it now without risking cracking up.

And yeaaaah, I have no idea how to get there either. Damn. *ponders*
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I am down with alcohol as a narrative device for character development!
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Beer is, after all, a sign that God loves us and wants us to be happy. No reason why hard liquor can't be a sign that our characters need to get verbal.
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If I set up a "Sweetheart getting therapeutically drunk a few days after Dollcuddles" post, would you be interested? :D
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I would be there with bells on.

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La! (

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Popping in here to say: the real reason Chainsaw is such a bastard to Doll is because she's a torturer.

He can't pal around and joke with her the way he can with Sweets, because a torturer is always, always a threat. Not that he thinks she can take him-- she can't-- but that he can't let her think she can take him. If that makes any sense. It's all down to bizarre Downsider psychology.

But, for example: originally, when he brought her to his room that first time, he was just going to fuck her. But she predicted he was going to torture her, and he couldn't disappoint that expectation and stay who he is. He has to be the biggest bastard Downside, even (perhaps especially) if he's getting gentler thanks to Will's influence. And the people he has to be the most bastardly around are other torturers. It's all politics.

This rant brought to you by HI I'M PYTH AND I'M DELIGHTFULLY TWISTED.

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Oh, and the whole time they were talking about Sweets he was dancing around this fact. He can't come right out and say to another torturer "I apologized for fucking this contractor up because I like her and I really don't want her broken, no matter what dumb shit I do when I'm drunk". He has to play the part of the whimsically sadistic needs-no-justification asshole, because if he does anything else there might end up being torturers out there who aren't scared of him, and that's just Not On. (Dice excluded, because Dice is just a whole different story.)

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She can want to hit him all she likes. Actually doing so... well, see previous comments about a room carpeted in blood. And I'm betting he put things much less fun than glass in Jazz's vagina.

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Bwahahaha. <333333

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This is also the same reason he's not letting her stick around for a cuddle after their little... encounter. He has to prove to her, very thoroughly, that he's Chainsaw and he can do whatever the fuck he wants.