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For Sweets

[from here:]


Doll tilts her head to pin the handset between her ear and shoulder, leaving her hands free to rearrange the candies on the counter.

"I suppose I should have figured on you having a sweet tooth."

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Sweetheart's attempt not to giggle is clearly audible.

"You really should've. Sugar momma."

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"Aw." Sweets pouts. "You beat me to the joke."

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"Well, I was gonna ask if you'd already eaten those Sweethearts."

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"Well, you could save them until I can get over there so you can eat them off someplace interesting . . ." she says thoughtfully.

"Or you could eat them now and I could just bring over the box. Although really, I think if I'm going to come over and ask you to eat candy off of me, we can probably do something tastier than these." A rattle on the other end of the phone indicates the Sweethearts. Weird little chalky bastards.

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Sweets shivers a little, happily, at the sound of Doll with her mouth full.

"The classics," promptly. "Whipped cream, chocolate sauce . . . I think I might even have some caramel around." A grin. "How does a sundae sound to you?"

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"Things will be a lot sticky if I get my way."

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"We could always make sundaes in the kitchen."

(There's the sound of a fridge opening, a little clattering, then shutting.)