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She leads him into the entry way and doesn't pause before heading off down a hall.

Through a door, down a wrought-iron spiral staircase, through another door.

Tables full of knives on the right hand wall. An oversized butcher block table in the middle of the room. Pay no attention to the things nailed to the far wall.

Make yourself at home.

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He's grinning. Oh, is he ever grinning.

"I like you already."

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Thusly named, Lyle sticks his hands in the pockets of his too-tight jeans, watching her with a cocky smile.

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His eyelashes flutter. He definitely enjoys the rough handling.

"Go looking for trouble," he murmurs, "and then see if it wants to fuck."

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He twists his hand out of her grip and slides his arms around her waist, shivering happily when her teeth break his skin. Another bite mark to add to the collection. He's got some pretty nice bruises, too.

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Just the way he likes it.

"Fuck," he breathes. His fingers dig lightly into her back; he lets her push him against the door until he's thoroughly trapped.

A shiver, then-- "You gonna hurt me or what?"

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He's grinning when she does, and his grin only gets wider when his lip starts to bleed.

"Make me," he purrs. Just on the off chance she'll do it the fun way, instead of the cheap way.

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Lyle groans; you'd have to be paying absolutely no attention at all to mistake it for any kind of distress.

"That's more like it," he says as soon as he's got his breath halfway back.

He doesn't struggle. Why would he? She's giving him everything he wants.


Almost everything.

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This particular good thing is not on the horizon. Well, probably not. Sweetheart would probably have things to say if Lyle got killed here.

A boy can dream, though.

"It's more fun that way."

There is the rare individual who can shut Lyle up without actually gagging him. Key word: rare.

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The corner of the table slams into a bruise on his hip; he falls forward, panting, leaning on it heavily. If she wants him lying on top of it all nice and neat, she's going to have to put him there.

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The blow shoves him forward against the edge of the table. He'll have two more bruises from that one.

"Someone ain't giving me a reason why I should," he returns sunnily. "And plenty of reasons why I shouldn't."

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He shivers happily.

"I like pain. You hurt me when I mess with you. Doesn't get more reasonable than that."

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Another, happier shiver.

"God, you're a fucking tease."

It doesn't sound that much like a complaint.

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"Y'know, I'm pretty comfy where I am."

He turns his face toward hers, looking for a kiss. Or maybe just a chance to smirk at her.

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