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Dollface ([personal profile] got_your_tongue) wrote2009-02-18 09:33 pm

For Sweetheart

And away they go.

Through the door and down the hall, it's almost the way to the dungeon. But she opens a door on the left instead of right and leads Sweets into a fairly normal looking bedroom.

The color palette is darker than her main bedroom and louvered doors hint at a large closet. The posts and rails on the bed were clearly chosen with the chance for restraint in mind.

"Now where were we?"

Doll doesn't wait for an answer before she kisses Sweetheart.

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Sweets luxuriates in that for a moment, then decides to push her luck. Her hands slide from Doll's waist up to the lapels of her jacket, then down again to undo the top button.

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First button undone.

She resists the temptation to slide her hands inside right now, and moves down to the next one. Meanwhile, she mouths at the corner of Doll's lips, then the corner of her jaw.

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Why not!

Her fingers move down the fabric, find the third button, and start to work it undone.

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She pulls back enough to pout appealingly.

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Immediately, she ducks her head to look up at Doll through her eyelashes.

"Please, Doll? Can I take off your jacket? Please?"

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Sweets beams.

"Thank you."

She's feeling a little tipsy, but her hands are fairly deft nevertheless as she finishes opening the jacket and slides it off Doll's shoulders, her fingers lingering down her arms.

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Sweetheart had her money on 'nothing at all,' but this is good too!

Her mouth drops to Doll's neck to kiss up towards her jaw; she draws two fingers very lightly down each bra strap.

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Sweetheart groans against Doll's skin.

"Thank you, baby."

Her fingers reach the cups of the bra, trace along their upper edges, at the margin of skin and cloth.

"Can I take this off next?"

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She groans again, this time into Doll's mouth, lips parting.

Meanwhile, her hands slide around Doll's ribs and start to fumble with the bra's clasp.

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Well, no, but you're not going to catch Sweets complaining.

The clasp gives, and Sweets slides the bra down Doll's arms and off -- a little clumsily, since a) she's feeling the alcohol, and b) she has to try and make enough space between their bodies to remove the bra without actually stopping the kissing.

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We'll see that mmmmmm of yours and raise it a breathy little moan.

Her hands slide up Doll's sides to cup her breasts, thumbs over the nipples.