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Dollface ([personal profile] got_your_tongue) wrote2008-12-15 12:16 am

For Chainsaw

It's been a month, give or take, since Jasmine.

Doll isn't sleeping too poorly. Getting absorbed in her work helps; so does the punching bag she found in the Bar's gym.

She's gone a few rounds with said punching bag, which explains why she's sitting in a booth with bloodstained knuckles--Doll doesn't believe in gloves--and a glass of vodka.

(The drink is more to give her something to do with her hands. She is still on her guard here.)

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Hey, isn't that a familiar jaunty whistle?

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Whistle whistle whistle--


"Hey Doll." He leans uninvited against the barrier across from her. "What's up?"

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Snort. "She's been hanging around here making trouble since Sweets was live. Bitch never learns. Well, until I get my hands on her, anyway. Got, whatever. Fucking timelines is right."

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He waits until she's done, steps forward, and leans down to kiss her.

C'mon, like Chainsaw would pass up that kind of opportunity.

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Mmmm. Tasty.

Yeah, this could occupy him for a while.

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He bites back, a lot harder than she did.

Then he breaks the kiss and grins.

"Let's take this shit upstairs before I decide to break the rules."

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Chainsaw heads for the stairs, smirking.

Along the way he starts to whistle again.

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Stairs it is, then.

She's been here before, hasn't she.

Twice, at that.

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Wait, no, three times, wasn't it?

Fuck if this narration knows, and it's not like Chainsaw's keeping track.

Predictably, the first thing he does when they walk in the door is shut it, shove her up against it, and kiss her again.

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How delicious.

He'll just pick up where he left off, then: biting.

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If these two keep escalating, somebody's going to lose a lip.

Doesn't look like Chainsaw minds.

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Only if you're not into that.